Moose tickets

A friend asked me to design some tickets for a set of concerts this winter. It was a fundraiser for a school called M.O.O.S.E., so naturally, we needed a large ungulate in the center! (M.O.O.S.E. stands for Magic of Oral and Signing Education. [I was being overly literal.]) Thankfully, my husband is a great photographer and had taken a series of moose photos the last time we visited Yellowstone, so I could comb through his files to choose just the right one.

Since there was going to be more than one concert, the design needed to be consistent—thus the change in color. Why the unnatural colors? To be fun, because concerts are fun. As was putting together a project like this! (Note that I blurred out the address, as it was at my friend’s house.) The fundraiser was a huge success, and the concerts sold out very quickly. Hooray!

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