OJ in color!

I’m very excited to say that Overland Journal has finally made the shift to printing in full color! Here are a few samples from the fall 2019 issue.

A page from the fall 2019 Overland Journal.

I changed up the table of contents to highlight one of the author’s striking photos—we had run out of room in the article to run it very big, but it was too beautiful to run small.

The new table of contents in the fall 2019 issue. The list of articles was relatively short, so running it only in the sky/background left that glorious field of sunflowers in front of Courthouse and Jail Rocks uncovered.

The blue from this image set the spot color for the rest of the issue—cyan is one of my favorite colors, so running this art across the gutter to introduce the article was an easy decision.

Ah, that blue sky!

Also, here’s an ad that I ran in an issue of OJ earlier this year. I had been going through some back issues and felt really proud of all the covers I had designed. Putting them together highlighted how consistently beautiful the covers have been. I still can’t decide which one is my favorite!

Cyan again!

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