Motoring along

While rearranging the wall of books in my living room a few weeks ago, I remembered a project that I mentioned here but never revisited—Motoring West, volume 1, by Peter Blodgett (Arthur H. Clark Company, 2015). It is a compilation of accounts of the very first car trips west of the Mississippi. I was overjoyed to be the editor on this project—it was hilarious, and that is something that I rarely get to say, given my usual niche. A pure joy to work on!

I was particularly proud of this book’s design, which plays up the pithy humor in this book by using short quotes as chapter openers. For the overall look, I had classic Arthur H. Clark style in mind: big, airy Caslon type, whose simple elegance lets the words shine. (The little rule underneath is a wink and a nod to the bumpy paths that the first motorists had to endure.) I’m so glad this book is just the first in a series, because it means working with Peter Blodgett—and this design—again!

Page from Motoring West

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